Can anyone join?

Yes, anyone can join Deafpiratevideo.com every video posted have to be accessible for deaf and Hard of hearing.

What I can do if I join DVP?

You can do anything on DPV. You can post Videos, Blogs, GIFS and Pictures. You also can share any video you want to share that have embed code. You also can post anything in comment, Text, Video comment, Picture, Gifs and any video that have embed code. You can do everything there no limit. You also can post a private post and give out password to few people that you want them to see your post. You can edit/ delete your post anytime. You have full control of your post you can delete comment and closed and open comment. If need more information how to edit/delete post or closed comment click here

What video I can use to post in DPV?

You can use any Video that have embed code.







facebook.com must be public!

and many more….

Can I Advertise my website or business on DPV?

Yes, You can! What you waiting for!? You can advertise on your own post. If you interested to advertise your business on DPV anywhere else beside the post.  send me a message CLICK HERE  we can start from there. I am very cheap let talk!!

Is anonymous allowed in DPV?

Yes, DeafPiratevideo.com allows you to be anonymous . As long as you are not breaking any of the rules, wearing masked is allowed also.

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